Monday, August 03, 2009

~~~Scrapmuss Designs CT Stars SHINE!!!~~~

Hi everyone, I’m here to show you some AWESOME pages my CT Stars created for Battle of the Creative Teams at DSA – Round 3! This was the hardest round EVER: they had to scrap by numbers, creating their own recipe first. The assignment thread had 20 pages of questions from contestants – now you believe it was tough?!

I’m so proud of these talented ladies – they literally ROCKED this challenge! We created the list of items together, but that’s not all! All the pages had the same theme too! We scrapped about four seasons, what we like about them, what we cherish through the whole year. And the pages are FANTASTIC!!

Here’s our list:
10 flowers
9 leaves
8 staples
7 buttons
6 papers
5 photos
4 photomasks
3 ribbons
2 glitter splats
1 font

And here are the pages:

Here’s the thread with all the pages at DSA (images in this thread are linked to the gallery, so you can leave girls some love – they really deserve that! ;)

And here's my page, linked for credits ;)

polls are open until 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, August 4th.
Hey, that's my birthday! Make me a present, vote for my STARS!!! LOL

GO Scrapmuss CT STARS!!!!!
Ladies, you shine so bright! I’m so proud of you!!!

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