Sunday, August 24, 2008

Speedscrap at 5 a.m. LOL

OK, here's the proof! I'm completely hooked!
What do you usually do at 5 a.m.? Well, I SCRAP!! :D
Lucky USA residents have a late Tuesday speedscrap evening, and I have an early Wednesday morning! LOL
Here's my page, it turned out pretty cool, although I did feel a little sleepy...
And I have the longest credits EVER!

The journaling says:
OK, this was 7 years ago from now... It's late August, and we were having a day out, catching last warm sunny days. Hey, we had only one kid then! That's unbelievable! LOL
Scribble font
Another Typewriter font
Everything else by Erica Zane at Scrapmatters :D
prong, tag from Breezy Beauty
Alpha and stitches from Naturally Happy
BG paper, wordart and frame from EZ Dreams
green paper from EZ Shrubberies
BG green paper from Lavendar Skies

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