Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some news :D

Well, hi there!!

Bad blogger getting another award! LOL
Anyway, I wasn't around much lately, but I do have some news to share. ;)

Firstly Erica Zane started to sell at Scrapmatters and obviously I moved with her to the fun and friendly community. How could I leave her, my dearest buddy?? :D
Scrapmatters has cool challenges like Speedscrap. Actually, tomorrow Erica will host one! It will be 6 a.m. Saturday my time, so I'm challenged! LOL

Second of all, I quit Snap&Scrap CT. It was a hard decision, really. This site was a great place for me! It was so encouraging and inspiring! I will miss it definately.

What's next? I've been awarded by DeliciousScraps!! This is a fun game and it's so exciting to get to know different people around the world who have the same digi-bug with you! LOL Thanks a lot!

And last, but not the least: not much PC time lately, but if I get here, I design. :D It feels so much different from creating layouts, it's amazing! I get inspiration from a photo, and then it goes... I even stopped freebie hunt, unless it's a CU freebie! ROFL

I will show you a sneak peak of what's keeping me buzy!

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ezane said...

and HOLY COW, I'd be so sad if you didn't move with me!! :) you're MY dearest buddy! watch out SM, here we come! ROFL!! :D