Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I design! :D

OK, I have some great news to share with you! :D
August Collaboration kit at Snap&Scrap has my stuff in it!! Woo-Hoo!!! LOL
It's available as weekly download at S&S blog, it's given as challenge prizes and part of it is a newsletter freebie. Or you can just grab it here and it's 50% off! :D

Here's my page:

The journaling says:
The sea! the sea! the open sea!
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!
Without a mark, without a bound,
It runneth the earth's wide regions round;
It plays with the clouds; it mocks the skies;
Or like a cradled creature lies.
Barry Cornwall (pseudonym of Bryan Waller Procter), The Sea

Under the Sea collab at Snap&Scrap
Text shape by Veronica Hurly
Font: Myriad Pro


ezane said...

CONGRATS!! I knew you could do it!! you ROCK!!! LOVE your Lo btw--must go leave love! HUGS!!!

M u s s said...

I have a cooolest groupie EVER!! LOL
Did I thank you???

jakey said...

Gorgeous digi kits! Congratulations :-)

jakey x

M u s s said...

Thanks, Jakey!
Nice to see you! :D