Saturday, May 10, 2008

Post # 150! :))

Hello everyone! :)

It's just a small note... I will have a year of blogging in the end of May...
Wow, it looks like it was just yesterday when I joined digiscrap-community... And it was a YEAR ago! 12 months! 350 days!! LOL

This year was a lot of fun! Searching for freebies, making CT and challenge layouts... I'm so excited and thrilled!

AND! I have a little something for you... Just be patient! I'm in process of creating... and it's not a layout! :D

Hugs to all!
You are part of my life and I love you!
Thank you!!

Maria :D


eugeniasea said...

Ура, Ура, Ура!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
С годовщиной тебя, Машенька!!!!!!

M u s s said...