Saturday, March 15, 2008

To Love

I found this designer's blog and started downloading... LOL It happens to me sometimes, I just can't help it. :) I have 8 (eight!!!) kits and this is the first LO... finally! LOL
OK, presenting wonderful Elisa! :)

to start to grow to wonder to expect
to understand to marry to deliver
to say to talk to hide to guide to run
to hate to bless to hurry to believe
to realize to smile to live to die
(poem by me :D )

Scraplifted from ‘Take Time’’ By j_hopewell
Doodle Spree Kit by Elisa’s Bits
(blue paper slightly darkened)
Another Typewriter
Cooper Std

P.S. Yeah, it's a challenge entry... how did you guess?? LOL


Elisa said...

What an absolutely wonderful layout with so many creative ideas brought to life in the scrapkit. It is so gorgeous, and of course I also love the photo which is framed so perfectly :)
Have a great weekend, and I hope you'll find a lot more time digi scrap.
Your blog is full of creative ideas, and the most beautiful layouts, it has been such a pleasure to see your pages!

M u s s said...

Wow, Elisa, thank you so much for your nicest comments!
Your kit is gorgeous, it was a pleasure to play with! Thank you!

eugeniasea said...

Ну вот, то что я хотела сказать уже сказала Элиза :) Мне остается только присоединиться и добавить, что эта работа тоже одна из самых моих любимых. И поэзию я тоже оценила, очень филосософично (если можно так выразиться) :)

M u s s said...

Спасибо, Женечка!
Обнимаю! :)