Monday, February 04, 2008

Winter Blue

Another challenge, another fun LO. :)) This is for scraplift chal at GDS.
Remember, I promised more of the winter day pictures coming? Here they are! :)) I used some glitter stuff by Phreephorm.

Scraplifted from Christmas Tags by pSyren
star from Super Stars
paper from Glittery Goodness Sampler
Blue Glitter Swoop and Glitter sprinkles (recolored) from A Goody Bag
Hearts from Have a heart
all by Phreephorm Designs at SAS
Frame from Sunscrap frames by Niiki and Mil (recolored)
Blue Glitter page mat sample by Misty Cato
Font: Another Typewriter


Kwebbel said...

I'm from Germany (my english is not so good, sorry!)

I like your lo! - Thank you for showing!

I look around the world of scrapper and seach from every country a scrapper, and placeed them on my Blog - you are my scrapper from Russland!
If you want, you can look on my blog!
I wish you every time good lo's - and perhaps you visit my page in germany!


eugeniasea said...

Великолепная работа! Впрочем, разве может быть иначе? :) Мне очень нравится!

M u s s said...

Susanne, so glad to see you!!!
Thank you!!
I will definately stop by at your blog! :) I even promise to remember some German words I know from school! :)))

Женечка, а ты меня совсем захвалила! :)) Вся прям такая вдохновлённая сразу летаю! :)) Спасибо!!!!