Sunday, December 16, 2007


I decided to scrap all of our New Year trees! LOL
This one was fun! I collected plactic yogurt bottles and made cute little snowmen out of them. Boys took part in decorating too. When I saw beautiful snowmen freebie by Pillowgirl (it was released a year ago but still available here) I was sooo happy I had perfect designs for my page!!
Snowmen kit by Pillowgirl
Snowy papers by Pillowgirl
Gigi Font


eugeniasea said...

Маша, да тебе цены нет! Такую идею со снеговиками из бутылочек подкинула, просто супер!

M u s s said...

Пользуйся на здоровье, самое сложное - выпить столько йогурта! LOL

eugeniasea said...

Ха-ха! Ну, у тебя аж 3 помощника! Тебе проще :)